TV Review : ‘Heartstopper’ in Netflix

The Alice Oseman series follows a group of British teenagers who wrestled with self -definition and strange identity.

The easiest way to start a review from Netflix Heartstopper from Alice Omeman is to compare it with the euphoria of the HBO Sam Levinson sensation. With its candy palette, delirious speed and the use of pointed needle drops, the new romantic teenage drama offers itself as an intuitive match: while the interest of euphoria in teenage emotions depends on excessive nihilism, Heartstopper relies on sincerity, building the coming of age Famous above all because of its sweetness.

I don’t mean that in the sense of demeaning. Dulcet Heartstopper’s tone is addictive. Omeman (who also wrote a web comic that is the basis of the show) aims for sincerity. The character approaches a series of problems that are familiar with the level of nutritious care. They left cruelty because of curiosity, anxiety for patience. This series chose to hold back and calm humor, which provides the core learning space for breathing. This is a humble watching experience that remains with you for a long time after the credit is rolling.

Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) occupy various fields of their All-Boys grammar schools in England. The first is a chronic APPSIZER, which is a little nerd while the last is the popular and confident Rugby team captain. They met in the mathematics class, where they started a friendly relationship consisting of gentle Hellos and small talk about their weekend. Their romantic sparks are clear – at least for Charlie. Nick, on the other hand, is rather slow to catch.

The novice romance is pushing the beginning of the Heartstopper, which is lacking a show about out of wrestling with self -definition and strange identity. Nick did not understand the initial interest in Charlie, who came out as the previous year’s gay at school. What he knows is that this boy, who used to spend his lunch time with his teacher (Fisayo Akinade), made him feel more like him than someone else.

Naturally, Charlie and Nick became good friends, developments that made Charlie’s eldest friends surprising, Tao (William Gao) and Isaac (Tobie Donovan). Tao, in particular, who has seen the cycle of Charlie’s madness with boys closed in their school, skeptical of Nick and his intention. Under the suspicion there was a greater anxiety about change: Since their best friend Elle (Yasmin Finney), a trans girl, was moved to the All-Girls grammar school nearby, the dynamics of the group was not the same.

Heartstopper is preoccupied with changes – his uniqueness, weight, the way it looks great in the minds of teenagers. How the program investigated this theme made him the most thrill to watch. We have all been there – died limply by the prospects we have built, the definitions that we have justified, the identity we have done to do no longer make sense. Or even worse, they never did it.

Nick experienced this identity crisis, at first reluctantly. When he spent more time with Charlie, who finally joined the Rugby team, he felt he changed. Exploration of his strange identity occurs in the darkness of his room, where he is looking for questions like “Am I Gay” and “How do you know you bisexual.” Heartstopper respects these moments and folds it smoothly into the conversation that Charlie finally did with Nick about his own sexuality. Armed with information, a different Charlie began to creep: she was not ashamed who she was; He just hoped he could explain it better.

Other members of the group of friends are wrestling with their own changes. Elle initially struggled to make friends in her new school, until she fell into a giggling trio with Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell). Tao, which accommodates fear of being abandoned, cannot make him accept that his friends, with their love and new lives, keep moving.

Director Euro Lyn and Cinematographer Diana Olifirova adopted a sparkling and colorful visual language to tell each of the stories of this character. Everything is supported by a touch of imagination, considering that the film is new -new Josephine Decker, The Sky is everywhere. The composer and music supervisor of the Heartstopper also deserves to be praised for filling the show with music that will definitely inspire endless GIFs and the best “compilation videos of”.

Maybe the biggest power of Heartstopper is how he treats honesty: Omeman appreciates its value, but recognizes his challenges. This series ultimately sees all the efforts of openness – no matter how small – because not only steps in the right direction, but also in and from themselves.

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